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Pilot Projects

A major output of the RECENT Project will be the development of multiple pilot projects that showcase best practice in community led renewable energy projects. During the RECENT project’s predecessor, WARES (Water Asset Renewable Energy Solutions, ) eighteen pilot projects were developed across the 2 year lifetime of the project. Based upon the work carried out here, the RECENT partners aim to develop 24 pilot projects from across the 5 partner regions of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Finland and Sweden.

The WARES Project demonstrated that small communities in the NPA region need help to identify and explore their hidden resources and build capacity. The target communities are small, remote, and face challenges to public infrastructure such as competing uses for land and water and are also susceptible to climate change impacts. RECENT will support communities by identifying problems, developing small scale solutions or providing advice and solutions to the problems. These solutions may include (but are not limited to) energy recovery from waste water (waste heat and biogas), co-digestion of sewage and biowaste, land-use of digestate as well as a range of additional technologies appropriate to each region such as hydro power, solar power, wind energy or biomass.


If you wish to read more about the pilot sites that are currently being developed, more information on each is available here:


Phone +44 (0) 131 290 2750
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